Bangkok. Wow. There really is nothing like it. You hear stories about how crazy and out of this world it is,  but you never quite realise how crazy it is. There really isn’t a city like it, well, not that I have found yet! We began our travels in Asia this summer in Bangkok,  (*I have explained the route I took around Thailand at the bottom of this post), so it really gave us a fantastic introduction to Asia. From the moment we stepped outside of the airport we became part of this insane jungle-like city. It is extremely crowded and when I was in Bangkok the humidity was around 85-90%. Yet, whilst it is extremely humid and fast paced, it is a must see destination! You don’t need a lot of time in Bangkok. We were in the city for 3 full days. However, you could probably see everything in Bangkok in two days.

Hotel 41 Suite – 3 nights – 2 people- £81
Whilst it is popular for backpackers to stay at Khao San Road, there is no “right” place to stay in Bangkok. Bangkok is a really big city, therefore, no matter where you stay you will have to travel to get around. We decided to stay at Hotel 41 Suite as it was a 5 minute walk to Prompong Skytrain Station. The location of our hotel was amazing, I couldn’t rate it enough! I travelled with my boyfriend so it worked out £13.50 (GBP) each per night. Whilst staying in hostels is much cheaper we opted to stay in hotels for a little bit more. This was our most expensive hotel in 6 weeks.

Getting Around:
The Skytrain
 is such a cheap and easy way to travel! We paid around 40 Baht, (around 90p GBP), to get from one end of Bangkok to the other. We also used the metro and this was also really cheap and easy to understand. The Skytrain also goes to Chao Phraya River.

Boats: From Chao Phraya River you can get boats to all the main attractions.
TIP: Don’t get a private boat!! It is a lot cheaper to get the larger boats. You can buy an unlimited day pass for very cheap! Or single journeys if you would prefer to do that.

Tuk Tuks and Taxis:
Tuk Tuks are everywhere in Bangkok. Whilst you may imagine yourself travelling around in Tuk Tuks throughout your stay in Thailand, it is an extremely expensive way to get around. Many tourists also get scammed by Tuk Tuks. Therefore, be very careful and agree on a price with the driver before you go somewhere. Taxis are cheaper and more reliable. When you are using taxis either agree on a price beforehand or ask to use the meter. TIP: Be aware of fake Taxis to avoid being scammed. Ask you hotel, or google reliable taxis!

What you must do and see:
– The Grand Palace
– Wat Arun
– Wat Pho (reclining Buddha)
– Asiatique the Riverfront
– Calypso Cabaret Show
– Khao San Road

My favourite temple was Wat Arun. Wat Arun was not as crowded as the other temples and therefore had a much calmer atmosphere. There were many monks on the grounds of this temple, therefore, it felt more authentic.
TIP: Both women and men must cover their knees and shoulders in Buddhist Temples. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing as you will not be allowed in the temples otherwise. Respect this. Some temples may provide you with appropriate clothing to rent. However, it is better to carry something with you that you can easily put on. Many stalls near the temples sell appropriate dress.

Another favourite place of mine in Bangkok was Asiatique, we went here on our final evening in Bangkok. Asiatique is more glamorous than other parts of Bangkok, and is therefore pricier. We enjoyed cocktails and Italian food at Capri. Whilst more expensive than street food and budget restaurants our meals including 4 alcoholic drinks cost around 900 Baht (20 GBPs). Whilst at Asiatique  I highly recommend the Calypso Cabaret Show, this cabaret show was one of my favourite things that we did over the 6 weeks!

TIP: The large boats at the Chao Phraya River go to all the stops that I have mentioned. However, the boats also go to other stops. At these stops, you will have easy access to some of the best markets. We managed to find some really cool unplanned places through buying an unlimited day pass. Highly Recommend.

Bangkok is a crazy jungle-like city. I would go back there in a heart beat. The temples are beautiful, and with 2-3 days you will not stop from day until evening.

Happy Travels,
Georgia x

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