I’m back! It has been over a month since my last blog on Krabi, where did the time go?
I still have 8 places to write about from my summer travels, so, I best get to it!

Koh Samui….wow. I loved Koh Samui and I had such an amazing time there. There are loads of rumours that Koh Samui is soooooo expensive, but to be honest I found it cheaper than Phuket. So, if you’re backpacking, or even considering a holiday to Thailand, I highly recommend Koh Samui.

My Boyfriend, Ben, and I got a bus and ferry combo from a travel agent in Krabi to get to Koh Samui. I’ll be totally honest, I don’t remember the exact amount I paid, or remember much about the journey (note to self: keep a log on future travels), but the journey doesn’t bring back any horrendous memories, and neither does the price of it. I have a feeling it was around 550 Baht (12 GBP).  From the port in Koh Samui we got a taxi to Chaweng (popular location to stay backpackers), this cost us around 100 baht for a 45-minute journey. So, £2.50 (GBP)… bargain!
NOTE: It is super easy to get scammed by taxis at the port, taxi drivers will bombard you as soon as you step off the ferry. Ignore them and walk further down, go to a red taxi!


We stayed on the stunning island from the 19th-23rd of June and we stayed at ‘Samui Verticolor‘. It cost Ben and I £20 a night to stay here, so £10 each for a 3* hotel. Obviously, we could have stayed in a hostel for a lot cheaper, but this was within our budget. The hotel was okay, I’m not a high maintenance traveller, I just like a comfy bed and a safe place to leave my backpack, and Samui Verticolor did the trick. However, what I will say is that we chose this hotel based on location, personally, I wouldn’t say the location was worth the hype, it was okay.

What we did: 
We only travelled for 6 weeks, however, everywhere we went we fit in 4-5 days what ordinary people would fit in 10 days (haha!)… So, we were in need for a rest in Koh Samui. On two of the days we were there we chilled on Chaweng beach, and it was b-e-a-utiful (highly recommend getting a massage on this beach, it was dreamy)! On the other two days, we visited Mu Ko Ang/Angthong National Marine Park and Na Muang Waterfall.


Mu Ko Ang/Angthong National Marine Park: 
Before going backpacking I did a lot of research on the locations I wanted to visit, weirdly, when I researched Koh Samui I actually never came across anything on Mu Ko Ang/Angthong National Marine Park. So, this was a nice surprise!
We went with the company ‘My Samui Island‘, I honestly cannot vouch for this company enough, we had the best day ever and the value for money for what we did and got during this tour was incredible. It was easily as good as the tour we did in Phuket.

We were picked up around 8 am, given breakfast and departed for Mu Ko Ang/Angthong National Marine Park. Throughout the day we got to see the 40 limestone rocks that form the park, snorkeled, kayaked through caves, hiked to view points, visited untouched beaches, you name it, we did it. The day was amazing! We ended the day by having lunch at a Fishermans village, the only inhabited island within the national park. The food was amazing, they catered for vegetarians(!) and it was so lovely to get to know the locals and other backpackers from across the globe. Other snacks and drinks were also included in the price. Cost: 1500 Baht (£35 GBP)
Na Muang Waterfall: 
Wow, no words. Go. We rented a taxi out for 4 hours for 400 Baht (£9 GBPs)! We negotiated a price before we went, the taxi driver drove us there which took around 35 mins, he then waited for us for 3 hours, and then he took us back to Chaweng. We paid him the money at the end of this journey. There are a lot of scams in Asia, however, 90% of the people will help you in any way! Renting a taxi out in England for 4 hours would be a totally different story.


There are two things you should know before you go the Na Muang Waterfall:
1. It is so slippy, sharp and dangerous. So, be really careful around the waterfall and in it, it’s deeper than you think!
2. There is elephant riding company next to this waterfall. The elephants are kept in tiny pens and they are treated horrendously. I found this very hard to see. Please, please, please consider visiting an elephant sanctuary rather than paying for riding, it only results in elephants receiving abuse as a direct result of the tourist industry.


Koh Samui is amazing and I highly recommend going there. Generally speaking, the nightlife is amazing, I can’t recommend a specific place to go because I enjoyed it all, same for the food!

After not writing for over a month I forgot how much I love writing travel blogs, and also travelling. I desperately need to save and plan for my next adventure!

Until the next the blog post…
Happy Travels, 
Georgia x

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