I think I have been trying to avoid this blog post for a while, likely because I am a little heart-broken that this will be my last blogpost on Thailand! But, also because I loved Koh Tao that much. Even though my stories of backpacking Vietnam are yet so come…Koh Tao was just, out of this world! I know I have said that about everywhere that I have travelled, but Koh Tao was amazing and is by far my favourite place that I have travelled to so far.
We arrived in Koh Tao via ferry from Koh Samui. The journey was around an hour and a half and cost under 430 Baht (£10 GBP). We stayed on the Island from the 23rd of June and left the Island on the 27th. Whilst four days doesn’t sound like a lot it was enough time to get done all the things on our Koh Tao bucket list – however, I would have happily stayed in Koh Tao for the rest of my life, and I was a little sad when we had to leave!
The moment my feet touched on the Island I immediately fell in love with it, the vibe was so cool, I urge you to go to Koh Tao if you want to experience true island life!


We stayed at Aukotan Place and it cost my boyfriend and I £12 a night each. Whilst, as I have said in my previous blog posts, you can get a hostel for cheaper, hotels are much comfier for just £5 more. Koh Tao is a very small place, however, Aukotan Place is around a ten minute drive from the main town centre, Sairee. When we first arrived we were a little worried that we should have booked a hotel that was in walking distance. However, we quickly realised that our hotel offered FREE regular shuttle buses to the town centre! Our hotel even picked us up from the ferry port on our arrival, something that we were oblivious of! So, we decided that we had made the perfect decision. The hotel was cheap, clean, safe, and we even got breakfast included every morning!

Whilst it is popular for backpackers to head to Koh Tao to get their diving padi we did not want to do this. 1. Because you must dedicate three full days, 2. Because I was absolutely terrified of sharks!! Which, ironically, by my last day in Koh Tao, I chose to swim with Black Tip Reef Sharks in open water…travelling really does make you overcome so many things. Whilst I’ve overcome many of my fears of the deep ocean, a diving padi isn’t really necessary since you can see turtles and sharks just from snorkelling in Koh Tao. So, if you’re like me and a little anxious of what’s swimming beneath you definitely don’t feel as though you need to dive in Koh Tao.

What to do in Koh Tao:
-Koh Nang Yuan
-John Suwan View Point
– Snorkel at Japanese Gardens
– Do a snorkel tour! (you’ll be given the opportunity to swim with sharks, turtles, and much more!)
– Visit all the amazing beaches
– Hike up to a viewpoint
– Lotus bar (amazing night life)!
– Watch the sunset at Fizz Beachlounge and try the vegetarian chilli – oh my god!)
– Farango Pizzeria (I’m a bit of a foodie, can you tell??)

Koh Tao has had quite a lot of bad press for being dangerous and the deaths of many backpackers, however, I felt extremely safe whilst I was there! So, do not let it put you off. I would go back to Koh Tao tomorrow if I was given the chance. I can’t really put into words how much I loved this place, you’ll have to go and just see for yourself.

Happy Travels,
Georgia x

(Check out my Thailand and Vietnam Gopro Video at the end of this page)


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