During my time travelling Thailand I visited Krabi. I really fell in love with Krabi… from the moment we arrived I was just in awe of it. It cost between 350-400 Baht (8-9 GBP) per person to get an air-conditioned mini bus to Krabi from Phuket.


Accommodation: We chose to stay in Ao Nang in Krabi. Whilst staying at Railay beach would be idyllic it was far too expensive for our budget. Ao Nang is just a 10 minute boat from Railay, and the boat ride is full of amazing scenic views anyway, so really you don’t miss out at all! We stayed in Krabi for 4 nights at Aree Tara Resort. We booked this through booking.com and it cost my boyfriend and I £11 each a night to stay here. The hotel is in a perfect location since it has some really cheap but great restaurants, travel agents, and shops near it! It is also a 10 minute walk from the beach and strip. Aree Tara was extremely clean and we really enjoyed our stay here.

Where to visit:

Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve and Natural Hot Springs:
For about 700 Baht per person (16 GBP) you can book yourself a tour on the Ao Nang strip to Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve (Emerald Pool) and the natural hot springs. Located about 1.5 hours from Ao Nang we got a minibus with 10 other people and had a comical Thai guide called ‘Mr Horon’. We had debated hiring a taxi for the day to just visit the emerald pool, however, it actually worked out cheaper for us to do this tour and see 2 things in 1. It is so worth doing this as both are as amazing as each other! I was worried that we would not get enough time at the emerald pool but we got around 2 hours at the hot springs and 3 hours at the Emerald Pool…which was the perfect amount of time! The Emerald pool was located in the heart of the jungle and it is a truly remarkable place. The water is crystal clear and it is honestly breathtaking. There is also a ‘blue pool’ further into the jungle but you cannot swim in it. Unfortunately we spent too long enjoying the emerald pool and ran out of time…! To note: all these things cost double the price in high season. 



Railay Beach:  Railay beach is a 10 minute incredible boat ride from Ao Nang. It cost 100 Baht for one way, or 150 Baht for a return (2-3 GBP’s). Railay beach is notorious for being one of the best beaches in Thailand, and is therefore popular! We left around 7am to get to see the beach before it got busy! When we arrived the beach was empty and had around 3 people on it, and to be honest, it remained empty throughout the whole day. I’m not sure whether we just got lucky, or what? But this made the day even better and contrasted with Phuket’s beaches massively.
There’s a really cool vibe to Railay, there are loads of reggae bars and little quirky shops. I enjoyed a dragonfruit smoothie whilst gazing at the incredible views. We explored the Island for several hours and had several encounters with monkeys…which was quite scary! Haha! We tried to find the famous Phra Nang Cave, ‘dick cave’ (google if you’re unsure…), hidden lagoons, and viewpoints…but as anyone who has visited Railay knows, it’s not simply climbing up a few rocks, you literally have to rock climb to get to these places. There are, no joke, ropes hanging down and a vertical wall for you to haul yourself up to. So, after many failed attempts, we gave up! Instagram makes this bit look easy! That being said, Railay is a great place for rock climbers.




Phi Phi Islands: We had already explored the Phi Phi Islands in Phuket so we didn’t choose to do this. However, if you are in Krabi, definitely visit the Phi Phi Islands, specifically Pileh Cove!

Kong Island Tour: For about 1500 Baht you can get a private long tail boat for the day to visit Kong Island and various other Islands and lagoons. We had planned to do this. Unfortunately, I became ill, meaning we could not go. Thai tummy is real! Be very careful and don’t be fooled by drinking ice in cocktails as I did as you will get sick!! I still remain heartbroken that we couldn’t visit Hong Island, but one day I will return to Ao Nang and tick this off my bucket list.

Krabi has a fabulous relaxing, yet lively night life. I absolutely loved sitting in the little Thai bars drinking Piña coladas every night. We also made sure to not miss the breathtaking sunset on the beach every evening. I was completely taken away and i’ve never been more in awe of anything.


I absolutely fell in love with everything about Krabi. It was in my top three places I visited across the 6 weeks I travelled for. Add it to your bucket list, you’re a fool if you don’t! It’s a true treasure! Please check out my traveling Go Pro Video at the bottom of this page.

Happy Travels, 
Georgia x

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