I have just come back from a lovely holiday in the Canary Island, Tenerife! Whilst I was looking forward to endless cocktails and relaxing in the sun, I had a concern about the vegetarian options on the island. After googling ‘Vegetarian options in Tenerife’ I was left feeling hopeless. There was little information about it, the only information was that Tenerife is a meat obsessed island. Whilst there are Vegetarian restaurants in Tenerife I was going on holiday with non-vegetarians!

I am myself a new vegetarian, but this is my second time trying this non-meat diet. The first time I attempted I felt as though a meal was impossible to have without meat, so I gave in after a short period. However, after slowly cutting meat out of my diet and with a new attitude I will now never go back! I no longer have had something taken away from me, but I am giving. My reason for Vegetarianism? I simply love animals.

Thank god! I arrived in Tenerife and our first restaurant had a whole Vegetarian section! Hooray! I could have almost jumped up into the sky with excitement. The meals were however only pasta dishes; I chose Gnocchi. Not everywhere was as accommodating as this Restaurant and I certainly did get extremely sick of seeing carb loaded meals as my only option. At home I have many veggie salads, and only a carb based meals, like pasta, once a week, so for me the starchy meals did make me feel bloated and unhealthy. But, you can’t be too healthy on holiday, and this was my only option!!
Here is a list of the meals I had over the course of my holiday 🙂

Gnocchi (covered in a rich tomato sauce)
Vegetarian Pizza
Vegetarian Fajitas
Vegetarian Burritos
(Both mexican meals from El Americano, Las Americas)
Vegetable Bolognese
Mushroom Pasta
A cheese and onion toasted sandwich (I had this twice it was delicious and unlike any other toastie ever!)

Now for the best meals of the holiday…..

Soya flavoured Tofu, with stir-fry vegetables and rice! (my first tofu experience, recommend!) (Odissea restaurant Costa Adeje)

Canarian cheese with herbs, boiled potatoes, and a side of plain focaccia bread.

A Chinese….! I had Vegetable Chow mein, egg fried rice, Vegetable spring roles and sweet and sour sauce.

Lunch…. 12011233_10206467351135282_746792920851286656_n
 I am not a big lunch eater but I was able to find delicious fruit platters and had a Veggie Subway on the days that I felt extremely hungry! There are fruit options in restaurants but they are usually on the desert menu, so be sure to ask if you can’t spot any!

Would it be easy to eat as a Vegan in the Tenerife?
From what I saw…. it would not be very easy. Vegetarian dishes are in reach, but there are only a few options on the large menu’s. However, if you are willing to just have your cheese taken off your pizza etc then I’m sure you would get on okay. I was able to find Soya milk in all the local shops (even the small ones)! I drink Soya milk for the health benefits and can vouch and say their Soya milk is lovely, If not creamier than ours (if that is possible!) I am aware that there are Vegan restaurants in Tenerife but did not visit one myself. If you are on holiday with meat eaters like I was you want to be as flexible as possible when it comes to choosing a restraunt to eat in.

I do hope this has helps anyone who is off to the Canary Islands, or anywhere else (jealous!)
I’ll end this blog post with a picture of the beautiful Rainbow Salad I had before travelling to Tenerife!

Love Georgia xx

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